Conference Planning Guide – The Final Report


Reports prepared after each conference are important and create historical information for the future. They give a summary of the conference to the association directors concerning the monetary impact as well as the business impact of the conference. The association needs to know that the conferences are worthwhile and make a difference. Future Presidents need historical information to better plan their conference.

  1. At the August Director’s meeting, the outgoing President should file a written report to the Board of Directors. ( A copy in electronic format should be submitted to the NCRAAO Secretary for historical purposes.)
  2. This report will allow the directors to view a summary of the past conference and will assist them in making plans for future conferences.
  3. The report should include, but not be limited to
    1. The location and dates of the conference
    2. The conference income report covering all dollars received
      1. Does not have to be an item-by-item detail – group totals will do.
    3. The conference expense report covers all dollars spent.
      1. Does not have to be an item-by-item detail – group totals will do.
    4. Number of attendees
      1. Regular
      2. Vendor
      3. Non-Paying
      4. Spouse or Guest
    5. Number of hotel rooms used each night
    6. Meals recap
      1. Numbers attending luncheons
      2. Numbers attending evening activities
      3. Number attending banquet
    7. List of educational sessions and number of attendees for each session
    8. Number of attendees from each state
      1. Make sure NCRAAO Secretary receives a list of all registrants in electronic format for historical purposes.
    9. Number of spouses or guests registered
    10. List of all vendors for the conference (Name and Address)
    11. List of any special sponsors (Name and Address)