Conference Planning Guide – General Information

This NCRAAO Conference Planning Guide has been developed as a reference and for assistance to those that need to plan and put on the annual conference. It is a difficult task to put on a good conference and that task is even more difficult for those that have not had any experience in planning a conference prior to becoming the President of the Association.

This Guide has been put together as a “reference tool”, to assist those who will be making the important decisions and to give some direction and references to the type of conference the association expects. These are not hard and fast rules, but suggestions from those in the association that have planned prior conferences.

Each President and their committees will have their own ideas and of course, new and different ideas are always welcome. Each President is entitled to and in fact, encouraged to imprint their own state and personality on their conference to make it a unique contribution to their term as Association President.

Taking ideas from previous NCRAAO conferences and from other state association conferences, that the president might have attended, are important. Each President is encouraged to incorporate their ideas with those of the past. We often find great ideas in what others have done previously, yet taking good ideas and adding your creativity and inspiration can make them even better and is a solid way of improving any conference. Remember, it is the use of your own ideas and those of the others that are working with you that are necessary to make your conference unique and memorable for all.

With this in mind, please use this guide to help you plan and carry out your conference. We hope that things in this guide will assist you in the planning and presentation of your conference with fewer hassles and that it might remind you of things that are often forgotten or easily overlooked.

It is hoped that this document will be ever-changing and that each President will add their comments and questions to keep it contemporary and useful to the Presidents that will follow in your footsteps. Both the President and the Directors from the Host Committee should be a part of updating this guide and are encouraged to make those suggestions that will improve the guide.

Above all, it is important to remember that you are welcome to ask questions and request help from others. No one can put on a great conference alone.